The Best Italian Drinks to Order

When you go out to eat Italian cuisine, your meal is not complete without something to wash it down. You can order water, but this will simply not do if you want the real Italian experience. Italy is famous for its selection of beverages. Often, these drinks are served after dinner. Many of these listed beverages contain alcohol, so they are not for children or non-drinkers. However, it’s still fun to learn about these drinks because they are an integral part of the culture as well as the cuisine. To get an idea of the full taste of Italy at Calabria’s or another restaurant, you would benefit from learning about amaretto, limoncello, grappa, sambuca, and campari.


Amaretto may be one drink you’ve heard of due to its popularity. It has an almond taste, made from almond essence. Originally, it was created with apricot seeds. Typically, amaretto is drunk following a meal and is added in coffee topped off with whipping cream. For dessert, this drink can be served over ice cream. Also, amaretto may go in cakes and cocktails. It’s a common ingredient in biscotti and pizzelles. Lazzaroni Amaretto and Disaronno Originale are considered the best brands since they have been around so long. 


Next on the list is limoncello. This liquor has a strong citrus flavor that is both tart and sweet. It is made through the fermentation of lemon rinds in sugar, water, and alcohol. Typically, limoncello is thought of as an after-dinner beverage. You may drink it chilled with dessert or over your gelato or ice cream. Sometimes limoncello is in the dessert. Because limoncello is usually cold, it’s reserved for summer months. 


Grappa is another distinct drink from Italy. Yet beware of this strong brandy. It has a raw burn from the alcohol when you finish drinking it. This beverage comes from the leftovers after one makes wine. Ingredients include grape stalks, skins, and seeds. If you plan to drink grappa, it’s usually best to wait after dinner. It may come straight out of the freezer or it may be served with espresso or in coffee. Grappa may also be given to you at room temperature. 


Campari is a popular beverage, known for its bitter taste. It is not a straight up liquor; it’s considered a “bitters.” This means citrus, herbs, alcohol, and secret ingredients were mixed together. The precise ingredients that go in campari remain unknown. This drink is mixed with white wine, vodka, soda water, mineral water, grapefruit juice, or other fruit juices. As a result, you can create a bunch of cocktails from campari. These drinks are often tainted red due to this drink. Campari is an apertif, or a drink served before a meal. You may add ice, or you may serve it at room temperature. 


For some Italian liqueur, turn to sambuca. This has a licorice flavor and smell since it is derived from star anise. It generally contains no color. However, you may drink black or red sambuca. Typically, 3 coffee beans are added to sambuca. Prosperity, happiness, and peace are said to be represented by these beans. Since it’s such a strong beverage, some like to add ice or add in water to dilute the flavor. This makes it an appropriate afternoon drink slowly sipped. Yet lighting the drink on fire is often done to bring out the taste. You can also drink sambuca at room temperature without anything else. Sambuca is typically drunk after dinner at Calabria’s or another Italian eat-out. 

Having a Water Cooler in Your Office

Most offices these days have a water cooler somewhere. Some offices have just one in the office, and other offices have more systems for office water filtration in Milwaukee than they might need. Either way, having a water cooler in your office is a very good thing. Making it possible for your employees to get a cold cup of water whenever they might need one is a perk that every office needs. If you don’t have one, then perhaps you should look into the benefits of it and what you need to do to keep it sanitary and healthy for your employees. After all, keeping your employees happy will keep them working hard and effectively.

When you have a water cooler with easy access for all of your employees, you will be keeping them hydrated and happy. Clean and filtered water will help your body to stay healthy and energized enough to get the job done. Some water coolers also have a hot water option for those cold winter days that just beg for hot chocolate. As long as you have a water cooler up and running in your office, you will have a staff that is healthy and hardworking.

You may find, though, that bacteria and germs are located in certain spots in your office. It’s important that you keep the water cooler as far away from these locations as possible. If you don’t pay attention to the amount of bacteria and germs that are gathering on the water cooler, you may just be creating a diarrhea problem in the office. You need to make sure that the water cooler is clean and maintained on a regular basis.

It’s important that you learn how to properly clean the water cooler so that you can do so when the situation calls for it. Clean and filtered water will help your employee’s to have good and strong immune systems, but if you are too careless with the water cooler, you will be doing the opposite. You need to maintain the cleanliness of the water cooler to ensure that it is a benefit and not a health hazard.

If you can, you should set aside time each month to clean the system for office water filtration in Milwaukee and eliminate the amount of bacteria that builds up over time. Mixing bleach and water works great as a disinfectant for cleaning the water cooler. Before each refill of the jug, you should let it dry completely to keep the build-up of minerals to a minimum. Using soap and hot water is a great way to clean the inside of the jug.

Buying Water Purification Devices for Your Home

Water purification in Milwaukee is an important process, which ensures that the water you consume is healthy. Tap water can have high levels of various forms of contaminants. You need to be selective with devices you purchase to help with purification. Some of them are very expensive but don’t really offer you the results that you might think they would.

Type of Device

There are several types of water purification devices you can purchase for your home. For example, there are those that hook up to the tap on your sink. There are also water purification systems that get installed underneath your sink. Those are typically referred to as a water softening systems.

Overall Results

The overall benefits you get with any water purification system are important to evaluate. If you plan to invest in such a product, you need to have the peace of mind that the water you consume is going to taste great and be safe for your body. Look for those products that have the approval of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).


Some water purification devices are very simple to install and others are quite difficult. If you plan to do the installation on your own, you need to evaluate this before you buy such a product. If a professional will install it for you, how long will it take and what will it cost you? Also, will the professional come to your home to do any future repairs? Will there be additional charges for this?


You want a water purification device that is going to be durable. The last thing you want is to have to replace it often. Take some time to read reviews about how long other people have had a particular device and how well it still works for them. Take a look at warranty information too, as a generous warranty often means the company believes in its product and can ensure it will last a long time.


It may surprise you to learn just how affordable many of the water purification systems are. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get something that offers you water that is safe to consume. However, you don’t want to cut corners and have a product that doesn’t work well or doesn’t hold up well over time.


Before you buy any device for water purification in Milwaukee, take the time to fully evaluate it. Explore what the product offers and how it purifies the water. Explore the reviews about it in terms of water quality and durability of the product. You should be able to get a great working device for a reasonable cost that also lasts a long time.

The Rich History of the Irish Pub

If you’re in the mood for some good food, and perhaps even a pint of hearty Irish beer, then there’s no better place to get your kicks than a traditional style Irish pub. In the old country, Irishmen founded neighborhood drink houses known as pubs. Although they didn’t serve food in those days, the local tavern was the epicenter of social interaction, festivity, and community. In larger cities, pubs were often connected to some kind of overnight accommodation, much like an inn. If you had too much to drink, or the weather was foul, it was possible to spend the night for a price. Many modern pub-style bars don’t offer such arrangements any longer, and have replaced the tradition with an even more attractive one—selling delicious, made-from-scratch “pub grub.” If you happen upon an Irish bar in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you’ll find it walks in the footsteps of its predecessors, serving cold beer and hot meals the way they were meant to be.

History of the Traditional Pub

As the concept of the medieval pub made its way to the new world, American restaurateurs realized the value of the “get drunk and have a good time” image. Even though Irishmen were often looked down upon as immigrants during this time, their never tiring “generous spirit” became a rallying point for bartenders and those of Irish decent alike. The model of the traditional Irish pub has grown to become an extensively attractive business venture in the United States. Every major city in the world has at least one Irish themed bar, and for good reason. People are attracted to the home-style, country feel of pub life. The rich, cultural history of Ireland is often portrayed on the walls at establishments striving to embrace a pub-like atmosphere, making them an appealing place to meet with friends after work for a brew, or a relaxing environment in which to enjoy a home cooked meal.

Honey, I’m going to the Bar!

The Irish pub is an excellent place to make new friends, reunite with old ones, and enjoy the company of family. The food is plentiful, the ambiance spot on, and the beer cold. An Irish bar in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a perfect place to enjoy yourself and take a break from the world that lies beyond its doors.

Why Artesian Water Tastes So Good

Water is a precious commodity. It has also become very popular. Think of all the varieties of bottled water that are available in super markets these days. There are almost as many kinds of water as there are flavors of soda. Bottled water has become so popular, that companies are now coming out with packets of liquid flavor enhancers to add even more variety. Artesian water in Milwaukee is one of many choices for bottles water, but based on some simple facts, it may be the best choice consumer choice.

What’s So Good about Artesian Water?

Artesian water is ground water that has been confined under pressure between layers of semi-permeable rock for thousands, even millions of years. Because it is under pressure, when it is “tapped” by a well, artesian water naturally rises to the surface and does not need pumping. As long as the well casing is sealed, artesian water is pure water that does not run the same high risk of contamination as surface water or other types of purified water.

No Surface Pollutants

Because of the age of Artesian water, it does not contain many of the surface pollutants that affect most of today’s modern water sources. Pollutants in the air, pesticides and ground fertilizers are carried by rainwater into the ground and thus into many municipal water supplies. This water then has to be purified, but often that’s not enough to remove ALL contaminants. Removing these contaminants and toxins can be expensive, which is why some municipalities implement minimum quality standards for water.

Protected from Contamination

As mentioned before, as long as the Artesian water is protected from contamination as it is gathered from it’s source deep underground, it is the purest, and safest drinking water available. It can also cost consumers less because of the fact that it is minimally processed. The equipment and chemicals used to purify most water sources today adds considerable cost to the water. Artesian water need only be stored and transferred properly to maintain it’s pristine condition.

Good Taste

The purity of Artesian water is also accompanied by a good taste for most consumers. The water carries natural minerals that are what gives water a good flavor. This is the reason why some bottled waters taste “sterile”—they lack these natural flavor enhancers. Some companies intentionally add minerals to their water after it us purified to give the water a better taste. Unfortunately, this also adds another cost to the water itself.

A Valuable Natural Resource

Artesian water in Milwaukee is a valuable natural resource that few areas of the country have the luxury of enjoying. Clean water is an increasingly valued and rare resource in today’s toxic environment. To have artesian well water bubbling out of the ground is a privilege that people should take advantage of whenever they have the opportunity to do so. Drinking natural, pure water is a great way to increase overall health and avoid long-term health problems.

How to Find Great Italian Restaurants

Few cuisines are as loved by the American people as much as Italian. Whether or not America’s favorite dishes are “authentic Italian” doesn’t really matter since imitation is the highest form of flattery. Whether authentic Italian or New York Style Pizza, no one can argue that nothing pleases the palette like cheese, bread, tomatoes, and Italian spices. If you’re looking for a great new place to take family and friends or are in need of an experienced and reputable caterer for an event, there are plenty of Italian Restaurants in St Louis, MO, to make sure you get exactly what you want. 


The Family Difference

The key to finding great Italian food is finding a great Italian family. In Italy cooking is a family activity. Recipes are passed from one generation to another and, in some cases, are more important than the family Bible (or are at least tucked into its pages). While some people may praise chain Italian restaurants, nothing can compare with the love and tradition that goes into family dishes. If you’re used to The Olive Garden, prepare to be amazed. 


Look on the Bright Side

As nice as it is to be able to make reservations, it is always a sign of a good restaurant if they don’t take them, at least on the weekends. This means they are fully confident they will be able to fill their tables and that confidence doesn’t come if the food doesn’t bring in the customers. If you’re concerned about a crowd ruining other plans you have for the evening, you can always call and ask at what time they are most likely to be able to promptly seat you. 


Never Be Afraid to Ask

If you are looking for a location for a special evening, like an engagement, make sure the ambiance is as good as the food. It’s also a good idea to talk with restaurant management prior to the event about ways they can help make it special. It is not unheard of for restaurants to put rings in desserts or drinks. In fact, depending on the restaurant, they may be up for an elaborate scheme that will leave your sweetheart weak in the knees. Do you have dreams of your own you’d like fulfilled? Would a string quartet be a perfect addition to your plan? Don’t be afraid to ask, especially at an Italian restaurant. After all, it’s all about family, right?


Catering is Different

If you’ve already found some Italian Restaurants in St Louis, MO, that you love, you should find out if they cater: most do. It is important, however, to find out how much experience they have doing it. Just because their food is amazing in the restaurant setting, doesn’t mean it will be amazing in a catered setting. There are many more obstacles in a catering situation and, usually, experience is the only way to overcome them. If your restaurant of choice is confident in their ability to meet your catering needs, it is still wise to ask for and contact references. Most often times, the proof is in the eggplant parmigiano.

The Dos and Don’ts of Starting an Exercise Program

Summer is here, and you are undoubtedly anxious to get out on the water and be able to wear cooler clothing. The downside to summer approaching is that you may feel more self-conscious about your body, as you are unable to hide extra weight under bulky sweaters and pants. If you are ready to get started on an exercise program, the following article may be able to help. The following article offers a few helpful dos and don’ts for starting an exercise routine, including implementing exercise technology from, to help you lose weight and feel awesome.

Dos and Don’ts of an Exercise Program

If you are tired of feeling tired and want to get moving, starting an exercise program is a great opportunity to lose weight and feel good about your body. The following list outlines a few dos and don’ts of starting an exercise program to keep your moving and to help you avoid losing momentum:

  • Be realistic: Set a realistic weight loss goal and exercise and food program that you can feasibly obtain. If you set a goal that is too difficult, you will be shooting yourself in the foot and only feel discouraged when you cannot reach that goal.
  • Set very specific parameters: Instead of saying, “I will exercise every day,” commit to a more specific goal, such as, “I will exercise for 20 minutes each day.” This more specific goal gives you less wiggle room to slack off and will help you see more positive results. 
  • Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged: If you are not meeting your intended weight loss goals, don’t allow yourself to get so discouraged that you quit your routine altogether. This may be the time for re-evaluation. At this point you should be stronger and have more will-power, so it may be time to amp up your exercise routine and commit to eating more healthful foods each day.
  • A constant routine is better than sporadic bursts of energy: While you do not want to get stale and bored with your exercise routine, it is better to designate a specific amount of time for moderate exercise than to wear yourself out (and possibly set yourself up for an injury) by infrequently wearing yourself out with an intense workout. Walking for 30 minutes every day is more beneficial than running three miles once each week, for example.
  • Change it up: While a steady workout is the most beneficial, you do not necessarily need to be doing the same workout each day. In fact, your body benefits from muscle confusion, in which new stretches and workouts challenge different parts of your body for an overall toned and healthy body. While walking each day may be your baseline, add in 20 minute yoga sessions and rigorous bike rides a few times each week to challenge all of your muscle groups and to keep you from getting bored with your routine.
  • Healthy eating enhances exercise: Fueling your body with soda and fast food is counter-productive towards a healthy body. Your body needs fruits, vegetables, and healthy whole grains in order to run efficiently. There is no better supplement to your exercise routine than a healthy snack and an overall change in your unhealthy eating habits.
  • Avoid sports drinks: Sports drink producers would have you believe that they are more beneficial than water, but in fact water is the most thirst-quenching and hydrating liquid you can drink.
  • Enhance your workouts with exercise technology: Companies such as have developed exercise software and technology that works on your smart phone to supplement and enhance your workouts to make you more body-aware and capable of making healthy choices.

Dog Cakes Are Just One Element of a Fabulous Dog Birthday Party

Your dog is having a birthday in a few weeks and you want to throw him a party with all his friends.  The invitations have been printed and are ready for you to address them.  The clown has been reserved and all you have left to do is make the cake.  Dog cakes should be made of good things for dogs and if they are a little rich, it is okay for one day out of the year.   Fake candles with flames that are battery operated will be the perfect touch for the top of the cake.  The challenge now is how to get him to make a wish.

The Invitations

The invitation will have all the pertinent information like the date, time, and place printed on the dog bone-shaped card.  The card and a yummy homemade dog biscuit will be attached to a balloon that has dog paw prints all over it.  There are eight dog friends that will be invited and you hope all of them come.  Continue reading

Three Important Things to Consider When Looking for Caterers

When you are planning an event where food is required, and really, what kind of event doesn’t require some kind of refreshment these days, you will find yourself in a world of stress and frustration if you don’t give in and hire the help of professional caterers in Cleveland.

These professionals can make sure that your party comes off without a hitch and is presented at a level far surpassing how it would go with your own cooking. However, not all companies who handle this work are created equal. When you go out looking for someone to handle your event, take these following things into consideration to make sure you make the right choice. Continue reading

Making Decisions about Event Planning

If you’re looking to plan an event, there are plenty of things to do. Whether you want to plan it yourself or find someone that does event planning in Portland, it doesn’t have to be a stressful procedure. As long as you have an idea of what you want to do with the event, it’s easy. Two of the most common types of events that need a fair amount of planning are birthdays and weddings.

Birthday Planning

Birthdays can be planned quickly and without much fuss if done right. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, a sweet sixteen, or a fun birthday party for adults, the basics are the same. Figure out who is coming to the party and what you need to prepare beforehand. Whether it is decorations or food, the host does most of the event planning. With birthday parties, the guests are almost always expected to bring something with them. Usually birthday presents, though this is often far more common with children’s birthday parties than adults, who sometimes opt for things like potlucks instead of toys. Continue reading